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Pay Those Bills


Most of us are carrying at least some debt.  And a lot of us are dealing with a soul-crushing TON of it.  So what's the best order to pay it off?  A new survey asked average Americans what they think. 



Here are five different types of debt, and how we prioritize them . . .



1.  40% said paying off your CREDIT CARDS should be the top priority.  Which makes sense, because they usually have the highest interest rates.



2.  28% said paying your MORTGAGE should be first.  You don't want to lose your house, so that makes sense too.



3.  7% said paying off their STUDENT LOANS is #1.  Those usually have a lower interest rate though, and you've got a long time to pay them.  So it's not the end of the world if you just have to do the minimum monthly payment for a while.



4.  4% said paying down a HOME EQUITY loan should be the top priority.  Not all homeowners have those though.



5.  3% said paying off their CAR loan is the most important thing.



Another 17% of people in the survey said 

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