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Finger Prints Aren't the Only Thing Unique to YOU!

1.  Your ears.  Forensic scientists can use imaging software to scan them, and tell who you are with over 99% accuracy.  You might eventually be able to unlock your phone by just raising it to your ear.

2.  Your body odor.  The Army figured out how to I.D. people by using thermal imaging to analyze 44 different compounds your body gives off.  And last year, researchers in Japan were able to identify people from their body odor using A.I.

3.  Your butt.  Specifically, the way you sit.  Researchers in Japan invented a pressure-sensitive pad with 360 sensors that can identify you. It analyzes the shape of your butt . . . how much you slouch . . . and how your weight is distributed.  They think it might be useful in cars as an anti-theft device.

4.  The way you walk.  It's hard to tell just by looking at someone.  But computers can identify you by analyzing your stride.  And it's even easier if you're running.

5.  Your skull.  The shape of it and how thick it is both affect how it reacts to vibrations.  Researchers can basically blast your skull with sound waves . . . analyze how they bounce off . . . and I.D. you with 97% accuracy.

6.  Your fingernails.  Researchers in India have figured out how to identify people by looking at the tiny ridges and contours in their fingernails.  They claim they can even do it if you have nail polish on.

7.  The pores on your nose.  They don't really change much as you get older.  Researchers in China and Japan recently found they could I.D. people with 88% accuracy, just by analyzing the layout of their nose pores.


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