Parmalee's "Roots" Almost Went to This Superstar!

Parmalee's new single, "Roots," could have ended up in Luke Bryan's repertoire. The group just happened to hear the song, along with some inside information that Luke's people wanted the superstar to hear it.

That's when Parmalee sprung into action, as Matt and Scott Thomas said "I'm not sure Luke even heard it but the word was that his team heard it and wanted to play it for him, and when I got that word that's when I . . . (Scott) Songwriting community. (Matt) Yeah. (Scott) I mean, it's gossip town over here. (Matt) Yeah, it's like high school kids around here between the stuff . . . And don't get me wrong, for somebody like us, we don't get a chance to hear these songs cause the bigger artists usually get them first, so that's usually what happens. If it hadn't been for one of my friends that played me the song, we would've never heard it and then Luke probably would've got it and cut it. That's when we really had to step up immediately and say, 'Hey, this is a Parmalee song. Don't let anybody get it,' so we immediately went and put a vocal on it and put our stamp on it and sent it to the publishers and said, 'This is a Parmalee song. We want it.' We had to do that."

"Roots" is the debut release from Parmalee's upcoming sophomore album. No title or release date for the album has yet been announced.

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