Woman Runs the Boston Marathon 50 Years After Being the 1st!


Women were not allowed to run in marathons because many worried their bodies couldn't handle it. Well that didn't stop 20 year old Katherine Switzer back in 1967 from registering in the Boston Marathon as "K V Switzer" and running! That way they didn't know a woman had signed up! 

A little more than a mile into the race an official tried to intercept her and stop her but her boyfriend at the time shoved him away! She finished the race in 1967 in four hours and 20 minutes. 50 years later she completed it in four hours and 44 minutes, just under 25 minutes more than when she was 20! 

She wore the number 261 on her race bib yesterday just as she did in 1967. That number was retired after the race yesterday, no one will wear that again in the Boston Marathon.

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