Good Stuff: Boy Sneaks Out To Get Mother's Day Gift

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Mother's Day mission

A little boy who wanted to do something special for his mum on Mother's Day has sent a fright through his family and triggered a major police search. #7News

Posted by 7 News Melbourne on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A six-year-old kid in Australia named Raith Barlow DISAPPEARED Sunday morning, and his parents had no idea where he was.

They called the cops, and immediately started looking for him.  Obviously it could have been really serious.  But luckily he was fine.

It turned out he used a broom handle to open a chain-lock on their front door while his mom was in the shower.  Then he rode his bike about two miles to a store . . . because he wanted to buy her a MOTHER'S DAY gift.

He dragged a flat-screen TV up to one of the registers, and tried to buy it with all the money he had . . . which turned out to be 40 cents.

A manager realized he was alone and started walking him home.  But on the way, he saw some police HELICOPTERS and realized they might be looking for him.  So he stopped at a convenience store to call it in.

Raith's mom says he had no idea how dangerous it was.  Apparently he crossed a pretty major highway to get to the store.

He told the local news that he loves his mom though, and just REALLY wanted to get her that TV. 

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