Stray Dog About to be Put Down, Now a K-9 Cop!

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A few months ago, a stray pit bull wound up at an animal shelter in Marysville, Ohio.  The staff named him Leonard and they wanted to find him a home . . . but he was too aggressive.  So he was scheduled to be PUT DOWN.

But then, the director of the center realized Leonard wasn't just an out-of-control aggressive pit bull . . . he just had a lot of energy that needed to be channeled.

So he contacted a police dog training center to see if they'd give him a shot.

They took in Leonard and they found they were quickly able to train him.

And now, he has a JOB at the police department in Clay Township, in western Ohio . . . and he just started his new life in their K9 unit this weekend. 

Meet the first official certified pit bull police dog in Ohio. This is Leonard. Rescued first by the Union County Humane Society and trained by Storm Dog Tactical

Posted by Maria Durant on Thursday, May 18, 2017
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