5 Healthy Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad!

1.  A pull up and dip bar.  Men lose muscle mass as they age . . . and these bars can help your dad build strength right in his own home.

2.  An ergonomic desk chair.  If your dad spends a lot of time in front a computer, an ergonomic chair will help with back and neck issues.

3.  Tai chi or yoga classes.  It'll help reduce blood pressure, improve posture and balance, and can strengthen and stretch bones and muscle.

4.  A good pair of shoes.  Regardless of your dad's activity level, a good pair of shoes will help his feet, muscles, joints, and back.

5.  A physical screening.  It might not be the "coolest" gift, but it could help save your dad's life, especially if he's stubborn and won't go to the doctor on his own.  Physicals can detect signs of cancer, diabetes, and a ton of other conditions.


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