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Getting Married? Add These to Your Registry!

1.  Extra sets of nice sheets.  This is a good time to splurge on sheets that are fancier than what you would normally buy.  And if you have a guest room, you'll want to keep that in mind too.

2.  Stuff for the yard.  We tend to focus on the kitchen and bedrooms when adding stuff to the registry . . . and completely forget the outside of the house.  But if you have a yard or garden, things like a new lawnmower or leaf blower could really come in handy.

3.  Tools.  It's practical like the yard work stuff, but if you don't have a good set of tools, this is the time to build up your collection.

4.  Outdoor stuff.  Like a grill or a tent and other gear if you're into camping.

5.  Picture frames and albums.  People usually have a nice WEDDING frame or album on their registry . . . but most couples eventually find they want more than one album to display other pictures, like from when they were dating or the honeymoon.

6.  Stuff for the honeymoon.  Such as a nice luggage set or good walking shoes.

7.  Experiences.  Like gift cards to your favorite restaurant or the movies for date nights after the wedding. 

(Real Simple / The Wanderlust Kitchen)

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