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Seven Money Related Things We're Stressing About!

FULL STORY:  A new survey found that once again, our crushing DEBT is the #1 money-related thing that stresses us out.  Just under a quarter of Americans say it's their top financial stressor.  1.

1. Debt, 23%

2.  Everyday costs for things like groceries, 19%.

3.  Healthcare, 18%.

4.  Taxes, 13%.

5.  Housing costs, 11%.

6.  Education costs.  So, things like college and private school, 9%.

7.  Other family-related expenses, 6%.  Meaning things like daycare.

Debt was #1 in 31 states, and also tied for first in Arkansas, Maine, and Montana.

Healthcare was #1 in Alaska, Iowa, Missouri, Oregon, Vermont, and Wisconsin.  Everyday costs was first in Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Taxes came in first in Connecticut, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.  And Hawaii was the only state that ranked education expenses as the #1 financial stressor. 

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