Five Common Mistakes We Make With Our Underwear

1.  Not wearing cotton.  Silk and synthetic fabrics don't breathe like cotton does, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

2.  Wearing the wrong size.  Underwear that's too big looks saggy and messy.  But too-tight underwear is even WORSE because it can cause chafing and irritation.

3.  Wearing them to bed.  It keeps that area from getting air . . . and there's the possibility of trapped moisture causing problems.

4.  Putting them in the dryer.  The heat in a dryer breaks down fabrics, so the elastic in your waistband will stretch out over time.  It's better to air dry them.

5.  Not buying new ones.  A recent study found that you should be throwing out your underwear and buying new ones about every YEAR.  It's because bacteria like E. coli can build-up even if you wash them regularly, and can cause some nasty infections.

(The List)

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