Surgeon Sows Up Teddy Bear Before Operating on Boy


A brain surgeon in eastern Canada named Daniel McNeely experienced a career first last Thursday, and photos of it are going viral.

He was about to operate on an eight-year-old kid named Jackson McKie, who had a fluid build-up in his brain.  The best news is Jackson's okay and back home recovering.

But the story is really about a request he made right before they put him under . . . after he brought his favorite STUFFED ANIMAL into surgery with him.

It was an old ratty teddy bear, with one arm that was just dangling by a thread.  And he asked if they could fix up the teddy bear too.

So after the surgery, the doctor had a nurse set up a mini operating table with a few surgical tools.  Then he used leftover stitches from Jackson's surgery to sew the arm back on.

He says that when he realized it might make Jackson feel even a tiny bit better, he knew he HAD to do it. 

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