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Wanna Live to 100? Here's How!

1.  Ignore traditional advice about your diet.  29% said it was one of their secrets.

2.  Eat healthy, 25%.  So, the opposite of the first one.

3.  Stay active, 22%.

4.  Stay positive, 18%.

5.  Drink alcohol REGULARLY, 16%.  The best quote they found was from a 111-year-old guy who said that, "Putting a little bourbon in your morning coffee is like medicine."

6.  DON'T drink too much, and don't smoke, 12%.  One of the best quotes for that one was from a 106-year-old lady who said, "I never smoked, I never drank, I never cussed, I never lied, and I never chased cowboys."

7.  Maintain meaningful relationships, 10%.

8.  Always try to get a good night's sleep, 9%.

9.  Be nice to people, 9%.

10.  Have faith, 9%. 




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