Mom Serves as Son's Wingman at the Grocery Store

After mom left the grocery store this came out on twitter...


Then this...


And now this...


"Wing mom" Patricia Gonzalez ran into a group of girls at the store who went to the same college as her son, University of Texas San Antonio, and showed them pictures of him, letting them know that he was single. One of the girls, Charisma Valdez, posted a message on Twitter to the guy, Codey Gonzalez, writing: "If your name is Cody, you’re 6’4, you go to UTSA, live at the Outpost, a sophomore, AND majoring in Global Affairs. Your mom is truly your wingman." The message went viral, and even though Gonzalez didn't have a Twitter account at the time, he heard about the message, created an account and wrote back, "What's up." Two days later, Valdez tweeted a photo of them on their first date, and then said the next day that they were going on a second date. Gonzalez told Yahoo Lifestyle, "We are finishing finals and have been going on dates! We are planning on going out this weekend!" (Yahoo Lifestyle)

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