Back to Work After a Long Weekend? Here a 5 Tips!

1.  Get to work early.  That way it’s quiet, and you have plenty of time to play catch-up, or check on stuff you missed when you rushed out the door last Friday.  By mid-day, you'll be caught up, while your co-workers might still be scrambling.

2.  Get organized.  Your email might be overflowing, so be strategic and answer the ones that are time-sensitive first.  That way you’re not wasting time on non-priority stuff.

3.  Double-check your schedule and your to-do list.  You can't cram too much into a short workweek.  So look for things you HAVE to do before the weekend.  And if there's not enough time, look for stuff you can push off to next week.

4.  Don't spend too much time re-hashing your weekend with your co-workers.  Hopefully you unplugged for three days and didn't think about work at all.  But once you get back, you should try to fully focus on work, so you can get caught up. 

5.  If you're the boss, you might want to schedule a meeting.  Mondays are one of the most popular times for meetings, and you just missed Monday.  So you might need to carve out some time.  Just don't do it too early, because people need time to settle in.

A recent study found mornings aren't really the best time for meetings anyway.  The best time is 2:30 on a Tuesday. 

(Business Insider)

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