Jimmie Allen Celebrates His #1 with a Party in Nashville!

What a 2018 for Jimmie Allen! 

He celebrated his first Number One hit, "Best Shot," with a party in Nashville yesterday. Jimmie co-wrote the song as well, making the hit doubly special. We're proud to be one of the first stations to play it, back in December of 2017! 

Now that Jimmie has some success, he says things have gotten a little easier in his role as father to his three-year-old son, Aiden. "For me the first Number One and having radio success just means I can afford to take my son to Disneyworld without selling a kidney. For me, everytime I achieve a little success the first thing that pops in my mind (is), 'Okay, cool, how than this benefit my son,' so for me it's like creating a stable environment financially for him, and just past the monetary side just more of an example of, 'Hey man, if you work long enough, hard enough and you're good to people, eventually you'll find people that are willing to work hard for you.'"

Jimmie's new single is called "Make Me Want To." We'll be talking to him soon!

He is in Chicago at Joe's Bar for a performance there tonight! 

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